WORX WG505 TriVac 12 Amp 3-in-1 Garden Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum

WORX WG505 TriVac is a versatile 3-in-1 garden or yard tool. It is a strong and powerful unit powered via extension cord and it draws 12 Amps at full throttle. It combines garden leaf blower, mulcher, and vacuum in one single unit. The transition from one mode of operation to another is rather simple and fast. The unit comes with a large collector bag, but without a power cord!

Updated: August 10, 2020.

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WORX WG505 TriVac rated voltage is 120V. It uses the mains power to achieve the desired level of air speed and volume.

It is equipped with an electric motor which draws 12 Amps at full power. Being mains powered means that WORX WG505 requires long extension cord to operate at all, but its time of operation is not limited by the size and number of onboard and available batteries like similar cordless tools are limited.

Air speed range is between 80 and 210 mph and the maximum air volume is 350 CFM. Air at 210 mph (~340 km/h) is strong and fast enough to blow and collect wet leaves with ease. Thanks to the air power regulator, the unit can be used for working around both delicate plants and for really tough tasks.

worx wg505 trivac bagWhen operating as a garden leaf vacuum, debris is collected in 1.2 bushels (~11 gallons) collector bag. WORX WG505 comes with a metal impeller with a rated mulch ratio of 16:1.

In real life, one can easily expect a 10:1 ratio. When collected, leaves and other debris are shredded to smaller pieces - when shredded, dry leaves and smaller branches can be used as excellent mulch, while other organic debris can be used for compost. The unit is very strong, allowing the user to vacuum up to 14 gallons of dry leaves per minute.

WORX WG505 weighs 9.5 pounds (~4.3 kg) and thanks to the design, can be used even by one hand.

Collector bag comes with a shoulder strap to help with carrying it around the garden or yard.

During operation, noise level is around 70 dB, which is acceptable for use even in most urban areas, making WORX WG505 interesting alternative to gasoline-powered units. One just needs long enough power cord :)

According to the official WORX site, the unit comes with 3 years warranty, although some online shops claim 2 years warranty period.

Debris Collector System

As said before, WORX WG505 TriVac comes with 1.2 bushels (~11 gallons) bag for collecting vacuumed leaves and other debris.

worx wg505 trivac collection systemFor applications requiring larger collector capacity, one can combine flexible extension hose with multi-fit adapter and large yard bucket or bag.

One of the popular combinations is based on:

- WORX WA4054.2 LeafPro Universal Leaf Collection System for All Major Blower/Vac Brands

- WORX WA0030 Landscaping 26-Gallon Collapsible Yard Waste Bag/Leaf Bin

Note: both Amazon links open in the new windows, feel free to check them for more options.

WORX WA4054.2 LeafPro consists of flexible extension hose which is 8 feet (~2.44 m) long and 'Multi-Fit Adapter' which helps connect WORX WG505 TriVac via a flexible hose to the large collector bag or bucket.

WORX WA0030 yard bucket has a capacity of 26 gallons. It has a collapsible design, so when not in use, it requires very little storage space.

Of course, there are many other similar systems with longer hoses and/or with larger reusable yard buckets or bags. Choose according to your own needs and requirements.

Long Story Short - WORX WG505 TriVac is a relatively lightweight and very versatile backyard electric tool. It can be used as a garden leaf blower, mulcher, and vacuum and it comes with a large collector bag. And if ~11 gallons collector bag is not large enough, there are collector systems with much larger capacity available.

Just don't forget that WORX WG505 needs additional extension cord and that at maximum power, it draws 12 Amps. So, dimension the power cord according to the rated Amps and according to the required length.

For more reviews and recommendations, check WORX WG505 TriVac 3-in-1 Garden Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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