Worx WG384 40V Power Share Cordless 14-inch Chainsaw

Worx WG384 40V Power Share Cordless 14-inch Chainsaw is powered by a pair of Worx's Power Share Lithium-Ion 20V batteries, providing plenty of power for a relatively lightweight tool, suitable for cutting of up to 26” diameter logs on the ground or up to 13” diameter trees that are still standing.

Worx WG384 comes with a high-efficiency, dynamic brushless motor, quick stop chain brake, automatic tool-free chain tightening system, a set of safety features, a pair of 20V 2.0 Ah batteries, and a suitable lithium battery quick charger.

Published: March 9, 2021.

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Worx WG384 Power Share Cordless Chainsaw Features and Specifications

Worx WG384 is a cordless chainsaw that features 14 inches (~35.6 cm) long chainsaw bar, making it suitable for cutting horizontal logs up to 26 inches (~66 cm) in diameter or standing trees up to 13 inches (~33 cm) in diameter.

Note: Although Worx WG384 comes with a set of safety features and is relatively simple to use and maintain, before the very first use be sure to thoroughly read the manual and if You are new to this type of tool, start with thinner branches, always wearing protective equipment.

Worx WG384 chainsaw uses a chain with 3/8” (9.5 mm) pitch and 0.043” (1.1 mm) gauge. The chain consists of 52 links and features auto-tensioning and auto-lubrication systems with an oil tank capacity of 5.4 ounces (~150 ml).

Since a Worx WG384 chainsaw is designed to self-lubricate during operation, a little oil leakage is normal. In order to minimize leakage and prevent it in the future, it is recommended to wipe the tool after use and to store it horizontally when not in use.

The maximum chain speed is 26 ft/s (~8 m/s) ensuring clean cuts.

Worx WG384 weighs 10.4 pounds (~4.7 kg) and considering its output power and size, it is a relatively lightweight unit. Due to its size and weight, Worx WG384 cordless chainsaw is not suitable for use using an extension pole.

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Like most similar units, Worx WG384 features two handles - the rear handle with trigger switch and the front handle with the chain brake/hand guard.

Note: The unit will not operate unless the chain brake/hand guard is pushed forward.

What's in the Box?

When Worx WG384 cordless chainsaw arrives, the box contains:

- Worx WG384 14-inch cordless chainsaw,

- blade protective cover,

- Worx WA3884 quick battery charger,

- 2x Worx WA3575 Power Share 20V 2.0Ah batteries.

Worx WG384 is labeled as a 14-inch 40V cordless chainsaw due to the 14-inch chain blade and the use of a pair of 20V batteries.

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The maximum voltage of these batteries is 20V, while their nominal voltage is 18V - a pair of these batteries are able to store ~72 Wh of energy, which is on average enough for 25-30 cuts of 6" (~15 cm) wood.

Note: Worx WG384 cannot operate using a single battery. Also, while the Worx WG384 chainsaw comes as a kit, people already having a pair of Worx 20V Power Share batteries should perhaps consider the tool-only Worx WG384.9 model, which can come rather cheap.

Worx WA3573 batteries are compatible with all other Worx 20V Power Share tools, which can lead to significant savings in the long run.

Each battery comes with three LED battery charge indicators and a Power Test button, allowing the user to easily check the remaining battery charge.

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For people requiring even more energy stored, Worx manufacturers even larger 20V Power Share batteries, for example, 4.0 and 6.0 Ah - while these batteries increase stored energy 2x and 2x when compared with the Worx WA3575 model, these batteries also increase the weight of the unit during use.

worx wa3884 charger

Worx WA3884 Power Share quick battery charger is compatible with Worx 20V Power Share 20V lithium batteries, including WA3512.1, WA3520, WA3522, WA3525, WA3544, WA3575, and WA3578 batteries.

For example, Worx WA3884 Power Share quick battery charger is able to recharge a pair of Worx WA3575 20V 2.0 Ah batteries within one hour.

Since lithium batteries don't suffer from the memory effect (like old Nickel Cadmium NiCd batteries), when the job is done, regardless of the remaining battery charge, let the batteries cool down for 10-15 minutes and then recharge them completely.

Although batteries may stay in the battery charger indefinitely, it is highly recommended to remove them from the charger when they are completely charged - 20V Power Share lithium batteries feature a very low self-discharge rate, and it is generally safer to keep them disconnected from the charger.

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Long Story Short: If You are looking for a 14-inch cordless chainsaw and especially if You already have a pair of compatible Worx 20V Power Share batteries, consider Worx WG384 cordless chainsaw.

It is a relatively simple unit to use and maintain, features a very efficient brushless motor, 14-inch chain bar, automatic tension system, automatic lubrication system, etc.

Worx WG384 is a very popular 40V cordless chainsaw due to its performance, acceptable weight, and affordable price.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the Worx WG384 40V Power Share Cordless 14-inch Chainsaw Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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