SuperHandy Wheelbarrow Electric Powered Utility Cart

SuperHandy Wheelbarrow Electric Powered Utility Cart is a heavy-duty, all-terrain motorized wheelbarrow, powered by a brushless electric motor and two lead-acid maintenance-free AGM batteries.

SuperHandy Wheelbarrow Electric Powered Utility Cart doesn't feature a castor wheel and self-dumping mechanism, keeping the construction as simple as possible, while at the same time, featuring large capacity and acceptable price.

Published: November 9, 2020.

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 SuperHandy Wheelbarrow Electric Powered Utility Cart Features and Specifications

The maximum weight capacity of the unit is 330 pounds (150 kg) with a volume capacity of 4 cubic feet. Physical dimensions of the unit are 58 x 25 x 30 inches (~147.3 x 63.5 x 76.2 cm) and it weighs 83 pounds (~37.6 kg) - there are lighter units on the market, but thanks to the powder-coated steel chassis frame, this electric wheelbarrow features very nice maximum allowed weight capacity considering its weight.

SuperHandy Wheelbarrow Electric Powered Utility Cart comes with two all-terrain 13" (33 cm) wheels, but with no third, castor wheel. On the other hand, the missing castor wheel also (mostly) negates the need for a manual or automatic brake, although in certain situations the brake can come handy even when there is no castor wheel present.


The unit is powered 24V blushless 180 watts electric motor with the energy supplied by the two 12V 7.0 Ah AGM SLA batteries with a total of 168 Wh of stored energy (at least in theory).

Single charge runtime depends on the terrain, slope, average load, and similar and varies from 2 to 5+ hours.

Since 24V 180 watts motor, in theory, requires 7.5 Amps, a pair of 12V 7 Ah batteries are unable to power such motor not even for one hour. And since these are AGM batteries that feature 7Ah 20h capacity and much lower 1h or 30 minutes capacity, expected theoretical runtime at full load is perhaps 40 minutes.

But, in real-life situations, the unit is not loaded to the maximum all the time and it is not driven all the time at the maximum speed.

As said before, runtime varies, but one may expect a single charge runtime of 2-5, sometimes even more hours.

battery compartment

Forward and reverse speeds are variable, with the 0-3.1 mph (0-5 km/h) forward speed and 0-2.2 (0-3.5 km/h) mph reverse speed. The unit comes with an ergonomic 'Thumb Accelerator Pedal' to control the wheelbarrows speed with a light thumb pressure. Also, it features an easily visible battery charge level indicator, ensuring that the user is aware of the remaining battery charge.

Note: in order to decrease the weight even further and to store more energy, some users replace AGM batteries with deep-cycle lithium-ion batteries. If you replace the AGM with lead-acid batteries, the battery charge level indicator will not function properly due to the slight voltage difference between lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

For short, if you need new batteries for your SuperHandy Wheelbarrow Electric Powered Utility Cart, go for proven and reliable 12V 7Ah AGM batteries from reputable brands.

Note: When the unit arrives, before assembling, be sure to read the manual thoroughly in order to get accustomed to your new unit. And yes, the manual/instructions could be written a little bit better.

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superhandy electric wheelbarrow mLong Story Short: If You are looking for a general-purpose, electric motorized wheelbarrow and SuperHandy Wheelbarrow Electric Powered Utility Cart fits your needs, consider it as your next motorized cart/wheelbarrow.

It offers a relatively robust design, a high-torque motor that could be somewhat stronger for larger slopes and heavier loads, and perhaps a clutch to disconnect the motor from the wheels when the unit must be pushed/pulled due to the empty batteries, and off-loading assist handle/system, but all those additional features increase the mechanical complexity, weight and in the end the price of the unit.

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