Snapper XD SXDUC82 82V Cordless Self-Propelled Utility Cart

Snapper XD SXDUC82 82V Cordless Self-Propelled Utility Cart is designed to help the user to carry or tow yard material, tools, and all other necessities. Snapper XD SXDUC82 features high-capacity cargo tub, relatively strong electric motor, easy and intuitive controls, two main and one caster wheel, two forward and one reverse speeds etc.

For people having the need to transport a lot of material in the yard, Snapper XD SXDUC82 can come very handy, saving plenty of time and effort.

Published: February 6, 2020.

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Snapper XD SXDUC82 Features and Specifications

When the unit comes, it must be assembled, which can be done relatively quickly, just be sure to read the manual and follow the instructions.

When assembled, Snapper XD SXDUC82 is 51.8 inches (~131.5 cm) long, 26.4 inches (~67 cm) wide and 43.3 inches (~110 cm) tall unit.

Empty weight of the Snapper XD SXDUC82 without the batteries is ~88 pounds (~40 kg), +/- 4.4 pounds (+/- 2 kg), without the battery.

Snapper XD SXDUC82 utility cart can be found as a 'bare tool only' or can be bought as a kit consisting of Snapper XD SXDUC82 tool only, Briggs&Stratton 82V 2.0 Ah battery (BSB2AH82) and Briggs&Stratton lithium ion rapid charger (BSRC82).

briggs stratton 82v 2ah

Briggs&Stratton 82V 2.0 Ah battery (BSB2AH82) is being able to store ~144 Wh of energy and according to the manufacturer, one battery charge is enough for up to 180 minutes (3h) of use - little bit optimistic, since type of terrain and other factors dictate the actual operating time on the single battery charge.

Briggs&Stratton lithium ion rapid charger (BSRC82)  is able to fully charge 2.0 Ah battery in 30 minutes (50% charge in just 13 minutes), which is excellent charging time for such battery.

briggs stratton bsrc82

People requiring longer operating time on the single battery charge should consider Briggs&Stratton 82V 4.0Ah battery which stores 288 Wh of energy and may be also charged with Briggs&Stratton BSRC82 rapid charger (50% charge in 25 minutes, 100% charge in 60 minutes).

briggs stratton 82v 4ah

Note: BSB2AH82 and BSB4AH82 are 20-cells lithium ion batteries with maximum charging voltage of 82 volts (20 cells x 4.1 volts) and actual operating voltage of 72 volts (20 cells x 3.6 volts). These batteries are power-fade free batteries, featuring no memory effect, can be rapidly recharged and the best of all, they can be used to power a broad range of Snapper cordless tools that support the use of these batteries, making all future purchases relatively cheap.

snapper xd xsduc82 features

Snapper XD SXDUC82 electric motor is rated at 300 watts ensuring ample of power even on the slopes - just be extra careful when on uneven terrain!

Transmission features automatic transmission fluid oil, with the oil capacity of 5 ounces.

Snapper XD SXDUC82 features two forward speeds (high up to 2.6 mph and low up to 2.1 mph), one reverse speed (~1.5 mph) and maximum allowed load of 220 pounds (100 kg).

Note: while reverse speed is very helpful, transmission is not intended for long drives in reverse under load - in that case, simple turn the unit around and use forward speeds. Before the very first use/assembly, be sure to thoroughly read the manual that comes with the unit.

snapper xd xsduc82 controls

Controls are simple and rather intuitive and they include power switch, high/low speed button, forward/reverse button, thumb paddle, foot break, and cargo tub release handle - it takes only few minutes to get accustomed to the controls even by the users that don't have previous experiences with such tools.

Snapper XD SXDUC82 comes with 3.7 cubic feet (106 liters) rust-resistant steel cargo tub which may be easily offloaded using carbo tub release handle.

snapper xd xsduc82 unload

Snapper XD SXDUC82 comes with fold away steel hitch (drawbar) designed for towing the unit at speeds of up to 6 mph - when the unit is under tow, unit should NOT be turned on.

Unit comes with one caster 8" (20.3 cm) wheel with foot break and two main 12x5" (30.5x12.7 cm) wheels - main wheels have excellent traction on various surfaces, except on the lose sand, gravel and similar - have this in mind when crossing such areas.

Snapper XD SXDUC82 comes with 5-year limited warranty and the battery comes with 2-year limited warranty.

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