Little Giant Alta-One Type 1 Ladders

Little Giant Alta-One Type 1 Ladders are a group of three different ladder models, adjustable in length and configuration. They are very popular, medium duty ladders, suitable for most tasks at home and in the garden.

Published: August 17, 2019.

little giant alta one ladder

Little Giant Alta-One Type 1 Ladders are specially designed versatile ladders, which come in several dimensions.

They are made using thick-wall aircraft-grade aluminum (6005-T5 aluminum alloy) and designed to offer multiple configurations: an A-frame ladder system, staircase ladder, extension ladder, 90° ladder or as a scaffolding system.

All models support the same maximum user weight limit of 250 pounds (113 kg). All models have triple-locking hinge, making these units both robust, safe and easy to use.

Regarding safety: these ladders comply with all applicable OSHA & ANSI A14.2 standards, however, it is up to the end-user to use them safely. Although they are very easy to use, it is highly recommended to read the manual/instructions, before first use.

Little Giant Alta-One Type 1 Ladders - Models Comparison

 Features and specifications of the current models are given in the following table:

Model Model 13 Model 17 Model 22
Photo little giant alta one type 1 model 13 table little giant alta one type 1 model 17 table little giant alta one type 1 model 22 table
A-Frame min/max height 3' - 5' 4' - 7' 5' - 9'
Extension min/max height 7' - 11' 9' - 15' 11' - 19'
Weight 26 lbs 30 lbs 40 lbs
Storage height and depth 3'7" x 8.5" 4'7" x 8.5"  5'7" x 8.5"
Base Width 23" 23.5" 27"
Amazon Link Model 13 Model 15 Model 22

Note: Amazon affiliate links open in the new windows. Also, maximum extension height of these ladders is ~2 feet less than the model name implies - this is how all extension ladders are classified by OSHA and is common for all brands, not just for Little Giant ladders.

Model 22 is the heaviest of them all, weighing 40 pounds (~18 kg). Even at that weight, it is still light enough to be used in most situations by just one person.

Smallest model, model 13, weighs only 26 pounds (~11.8 kg), but it also has the smallest reach, regardless of the configuration.

Telescopic sides and hinge locks in combination with good base width and rubberized feet, make these ladders easy to adjust and safe to use. Again - be sure to read the manual before first use.

Long Story Short - Little Giant Alta-One Type 1 Ladders are very versatile home and garden ladders. They are strong and durable, and with 250 pounds maximum user weight, they are suitable for medium duty tasks. For really heavy duty activities and tasks, even stronger, but also heavier and more expensive ladders are required.

For most situations, Little Giant Alta-One Type 1 Ladders - highly recommended to have around the house.

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