GreenWorks 21302 13-Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer/Edger

GreenWorks 21302 is a cordless string trimmer that, thanks to its pivoting head and edger wheel, can be also used as an edger.

GreenWorks 21302 is compatible with the GreenWorks G-MAX 40V lithium-ion battery system, allowing a single battery type to be used for powering a broad range of cordless tools. GreenWorks 21302 comes with 2.0 G-MAX 40 volts 2.0 Ah battery and its charger.

Published: August 30, 2020.

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GreenWorks 21302 Features and Specifications

GreenWorks 21302 is a highly maneuverable and energy-autonomous unit, thanks to its cordless design.

With the 2.0 Ah 40V G-MAX lithium battery, GreenWorks 21302 weighs 12.2 pounds (~5.5 kg) and is used with two hands via main handle with its controls and auxiliary assist handle.

Fully charged 2.0 Ah 40V G-MAX lithium battery stores enough energy for approximately 30 minutes of continuous operation.

When the battery is discharged, it takes some 120 minutes (2h) to charge it completely.

greenworks 21332 features

Pivoting trimmer head with edging wheel allows the user accurate both trimming and edging.

During operation, unlike gas operated units, GreenWorks 21302 doesn't emit any gases or fumes and is relatively quiet during operation.

The cutting path is 13 inches (~33 cm) with a no-load speed of 8000 rpm. GreenWorks 21302 uses a single 0.065 inch (1.65 mm) monofilament line with automatic line feed.

greenworks 29252 spools

GreenWorks 21302 comes with a filled spool line. When the spool gets empty, one can replace it with a new pre-wound spool or one can refill the spool with 0.065" (1.65 mm) nylon monofilament line approximately 18 feet (~5.5 m) long manually.

During operation, the cutting line is worn down and it becomes shorter. GreenWorks' Automatic Line Advancement system ensures that the line advances to the correct length as it wears down. If the lines become too short, stop and restart the trimmer - this will automatically lengthen the line by 1/4" (6.4 mm).

GreenWorks G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion Batteries

GreenWorks 21302 comes with GreenWorks 29462 G-MAX 2.0 Ah 40V lithium-ion battery.

greenworks 29462 battery

GreenWorks 21302 also support the use of larger GreenWorks 29472 G-MAX 4.0 Ah 40V lithium-ion battery which extends the runtime up to 60 minutes.

Both GreenWorks 29462 and GreenWorks 29472 can be used in any GreenWorks cordless tools that are designed for GreenWorks G-MAX 40 volts lithium ion battery - so, if you already own any of these batteries, getting bare tools can be rather cheap.

Note: GreenWorks 21302 is a 13" 40V cordless trimmer/edger with 2.0 Ah 40V G-MAX battery and charger, while GreenWorks 21332 is the same 13" 40V cordless trimmer/edger, but without the battery and charger ('bare tool only').

Long Story Short: If you are looking for a cordless string trimmer/edger that is simple to use and maintain, consider GreenWorks 21302.

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It does its job well, it is relatively lightweight and quiet during operation and it helps to keep the yard/garden clean and tidy.

Even with the battery and charger, it is a rather affordable unit that will not bust your budget.

GreenWorks 21302 comes with a 4-year tool warranty and a 2-year battery warranty.

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