WORX WG779 and WG779.9 Cordless Lawn Mowers

WORX WG779 and WG779.9 are lightweight and compact cordless lawn mowers, designed for smaller to medium yards. Both models are powered with a pair of WORX lithium ion 20V batteries - WG779 model comes with a pair of 4.0 Ah 20V WA3578 Power Share batteries and WA3875 dual port battery charger, while WG779.9 model is 'tool only' model.

WORX WG779 and WG779.9 are labeled as 14 inch (35.6 cm) lawn mowers - their deck is 14 inches wide, while their cutting width is 13 inches (33 cm) wide.

Published: October 9, 2019.

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WORX WG779 and WG779.9 Features and Specifications

WORX WG779 and WG779.9 cordless lawn mowers are powered with a pair of WORX 20V Power Share batteries - it is important to note that both batteries are used at the same time. For the best performances it is vital to use the batteries of the same capacity and that they are both properly charged.

WORX WG779 and WG779.9 units are designed for compact storage, and ease of use, with the recommended lawn size up to 5000-5500 sq. ft. (460 - 510 m2).

In order to keep the weight as low as possible, WORX WG779 and WG779.9 feature cutting deck made of durable plastic. To make the unit/cutting deck as tough as possible, side discharge feature is omitted - WORX WG779 and WG779.9 may be used with the collector bag or for mulching via rear opening.

Cutting height can be adjusted quickly from 1-1/2" to 3-1/2" inches (~3.8 - 8.9 cm) - some sites state that WORX WG779 and WG779.9 feature only three cutting heights, but these units feature 6 different cutting heights.

WORX WG779 and WG779.9 weigh 29.1 pounds (~13.2 kg) and they even feature a carrying handle to help the user move it around if and when required.

Note: WORX WG779 and WG779.9 are rather simple to use and maintain lawn mowers, but when they arrive, be sure to read the manual thoroughly. Also, when they arrive, they must be assembled, but that can be done quickly (5 minutes or less).

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In order to prolong the operating time on the single batteries charge, WORX WG779 and WG779.9 feature two operating modes: Turbo and Eco cutting modes.

Turbo cutting mode is intended for tall and tough grass and is optimized for cutting performances, not for battery life.

Eco cutting mode balances between cutting performances and battery life and is recommended for most situations.

turbo eco knob

Turbo/Eco control knob is easily accessible and is positioned on the front end of the lawn mowers - personally, I wish it was placed on the handle.

Although WORX 20V Power Share batteries feature their own built-in charge sensors, WORX WG779 and WG779.9 feature battery power indicator, letting the user know about the charge left in the batteries.

Blade no load speed is 3300/3700 rpm, ensuring good cutting capabilities, as long as the blade is sharp.

Note: WORX WG779 and WG779.9 are intended for dry grass mowing, but if required, they can, up to the point, be used even for mowing somewhat wet grass. Since wet grass drains batteries faster and can create lumps that may clog the blade and grass collector bag, if possible, wait for the grass to dry and only then mow the lawn. This is general recommendation, valid not only for WORX WG779 and WG779.9, but for other lawn mowers as well - some units may be very sensitive to wet grass, so always be sure to read the manual and if possible, avoid wet grass!

Grass collector bag capacity is 0.85 bushels (30 liters) and it features mechanical sensor to alert the user when it is time to empty the bag.

Although WORX WG779 and WG779.9 are not self-powered lawn mowers, they are lightweight and very agile.

Front wheels diameter is 6.3 inches (16 cm) and rear wheels diameter is 7 inches (17.8 cm), helping the user to traverse both flat and uneven terrain - as usual, be very careful when mowing uneven, and especially incline lawns.

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WORX WG779 vs. WORX WG779.9 Cordless Lawn Mowers

WORX WG779.9 cordless lawn mower comes as the 'bare tool' - only the cordless lawn mower with its accessories is included, with no batteries and no battery charger.

WORX WG779.9 model is recommended for people already having WORX 20V Power Share batteries and other WORX tools powered via these batteries.

On the other hand, WORX WG779 model includes:

- cordless lawn mower (with accessories: grass collector bag, mulching insert, 2 cable clips),

- 2x WA3578 lithium ion batteries (20V, 4.0 Ah),

- dual port WA3875 quick battery charger.

worx wa3578 20v 4ah battery

WORX WA3578 lithium 20V 4.0 Ah Power Share batteries feature nominal voltage of 18 volts and maximum charging voltage of 20 volts (hence the label includes '20V').

These batteries are part of the WORX 20V Power Share platform, enabling the users to sharing batteries among multiple 20V tools, saving money of course.

WORX 779 cordless lawn mower comes with a pair of WA3578 batteries.

worx wa3875 20v dual charger

WORX WA3875 battery charger is intended for quick charging of various WORX 18/20 volts lithium batteries, WA3578 batteries included.

WORX WA3875 battery charger is able to fully charge a pair of fully discharged WA3758 batteries in ~4 hours.

It features charge indicators for each battery port (charging, fully charged) and can detect and signal battery issues like defective battery or temperature too low (less than 32°F or 0°C) or to high (more than 113°F or 45°C).

Warranty: WORX WG779 and WG779.9 models come with 2-year limited warranty, which may be extended to 3 years. Batteries come with 1-year limited warranty.

worx wg779 mLong Story Short: WORX WG779 and WG779.9 cordless lawn mowers are lightweight and compact units, intended for lawns up to 5000-5500 sq. ft.

Units are agile and rather maneuverable, and with their 13 inches (~33 cm) cutting width, they can keep small to medium lawns neat and tidy.

If you are looking for such cordless lawn mower, consider one of these models.

For more reviews and recommendations, check WORX WG779 Cordless Lawn Mower Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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