Snapper SXDWM82K (1687884) XD 82V MAX Electric Cordless 21-Inch Lawnmower Kit

Snapper SXDWM82K (1687884) XD 82V MAX is an electric, cordless, walk-behind push lawn mower that comes with one rapid charger and two 2.0 Ah 82V lithium ion batteries.

Snapper SXDWM82K (1687884) XD 82V MAX features 3-in-1 design, 21 inches cutting path, 7 single-lever height adjustments, strong brushless motor, load sensing technology and other features that make Snapper XD 82V MAX lawn mowers very popular cordless units.

Published: November 25, 2019.

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Snapper SXDWM82K (1687884) XD 82V MAX Features and Specifications

Snapper SXDWM82K (1687884) XD 82V MAX is relatively large and heavy walk-behind cordless lawn mower.

Its physical dimensions are 35 x 24.2 x 18.3 inches (~89 x 61.5 x 46.5 cm) and it weighs 69.4 pounds (~31.5 kg), which can be very important when mowing larger areas.

Note: Snapper SXDWM82K (1687884) XD 82V MAX is 'push' lawn mower, but Snapper also manufactures very similar 'self-propelled' model SXD21SPWM82K (1687914), but more on that later.

To save storage area, Snapper SXDWM82K (1687884) XD 82V MAX is designed to be folded and stored vertically, greatly saving storage footprint.

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Note: although the lawn mower is quite stable while in vertical position, don't let kids and pets play around it when stored (actually, don't let the play around it at all!).

One of the reasons for relatively large weight of the unit is its robust design - deck is made of steel in order to withstand the use of 21 inch (~53.3 cm) wide cutting blade powered with highly efficient 1200 W brushless motor.

In order to prolong the runtime on a single battery charge, Snapper SXDWM82K (1687884) XD 82V MAX comes with the load sensing technology, which automatically adjust motor power in order to do the lowing task properly, while preserving the stored energy and prolonging the runtime.

Unit comes with two Briggs & Stratton 82V lithium ion 2.0 Ah batteries and one rapid charger.

Each individual battery offers approximately 45 minutes of operation, meaning that two batteries enable the user to mow up to 90 minutes.

Note: this 45/90 minutes is maximum runtime when cutting dry, relatively short grass. If you have somewhat higher and tougher grass, operating time is shortened.

However, rapid lithium ion battery charger is really - fast. It is able to fully charge 2.0, 4.0 and 5.0 Ah Briggs & Stratton 82V lithium ion batteries:

- 2.0 Ah battery: 50% (13 minutes), 100% (30 minutes),

- 4.0 Ah battery: 50% (25 minutes), 100% (60 minutes),

- 5.0 Ah battery: 50% (32 minutes), 100% (75 minutes).

Practically, two 2.0 Ah batteries and their rapid charger ensures almost continuous operation - just let the batteries cool down little bit prior and after use/charging.


Briggs & Stratton 82V lithium ion batteries are used to power broad range of Snapper's 82V tools, so two 2.0 Ah batteries can come very handy.

And if 2.0 Ah battery runtime is not long enough, 4.0 Ah and 5.0 Ah batteries are available as well - just note that they are both larger and heavier than 2.0 Ah battery.

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Snapper SXDWM82K (1687884) XD 82V MAX features single-lever height adjusting system with 7 positions between 1.4 and 3.75 inches (~3.5 - 9.5 cm) which is more than enough for most users.

Despite its dimensions and weight, thanks to 8 inches (~20.3 cm) front and 10 inches (25.4 cm) rear wheels, unit easily maneuvers over flat terrain. When mowing slopes, be extra careful - always safety first!

3-in-1 design of the lawn mower enables the user to mulch, to side discharge or to collect grass clippings in the 1.6 bushels (~2 cubic feet, ~56.4 liters) collector bag.

Controls are on the padded handle, and they feature start button combined with bail switch/lever.

Note: Snapper SXDWM82K (1687884) XD 82V MAX is simple to use and maintain lawn mower, but when it arrives, be sure to read the manual thoroughly and get accustomed to your new unit.

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Snapper SXDWM82K (1687884) XD 82V MAX comes with 5-year limited warranty, while the batteries come with 2-year limited warranty.

Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Lawn Mowers

Snapper manufactures several cordless lawn mowers powered with the same 82V lithium ion batteries. Their most important features are given in the following table:

Model SXDWM82K (1687884) SXD21SPWM82K (1687914) SXD19PWM82K (1687915)
Photo table snapper xd sxdwm82k table snapper xd sxd21spwm82k table snapper xd sxd19pwm82k
Cutting Width 21 inches 21 inches 19 inches
Motor 1200 W Brushless 1200 W Brushless 1000 W Brushless
Drive System Manual (Push) Self-Propelled Manual (Push)
Max Voltage 82V 82V 82V
Supported Briggs & Stratton Batteries 2.0 Ah, 4.0 Ah, 5.0 Ah 2.0 Ah, 4.0 Ah, 5.0 Ah 2.0 Ah, 4.0 Ah, 5.0 Ah
Height Adjustment Single Lever, 7 Positions Single Lever, 7 Positions  Single Lever, 7 Positions 
Front Wheels 8 inches 8 inches 8 inches
Rear Wheels 10 inches 10 inches 10 inches
Weight 69.4 pounds 74.3 pounds 59.5 pounds
Amazon Link Snapper XD 82V MAX SXDWM82K Snapper XD 82V MAX SXD21SPWM82K Snapper XD 82V MAX SXD19PWM82K

Note: Amazon links open in the new windows, feel free to check them for most up-to-date offers and prices. Also, mowers' weights are taken from the official Snapper site, while some online shops claim somewhat different values.

Snapper SXDWM82K (1687884) XD 82V MAX features the same power like self-propelled SXD21SPW82K (1687914) model, but it is lighter.

self propelled

Despite being heavier, SXD21SPW82K (1687914) model is easier to use thanks to its self-propelled design - additional controls are simple to use and are placed on the handle, easily reachable by the user.

Snapper SXD19PWM82K features smaller cutting deck (19 vs 21 inches), somewhat weaker motor (1000 vs 1200 watts), but it is lighter and slightly cheaper.

snapper xd sxdwm82k mLong Story Short: Snapper SXDWM82K (1687884) XD 82V MAX is large, sturdy, versatile and powerful cordless push lawn mower.

Users who consider it slightly too heavy, should choose either self-propelled 21" SXD21SPWM82K model or slightly smaller SXD19PWM82K lawn mower.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Snapper XD 82V MAX SXDWM82K Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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