Greenworks GLM801602 PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks GLM801602 PRO is a cordless lawn mower, featuring a serious 80V operating voltage, a steel 21-inch deck, high-torque brushless motor, large wheels, vertical storage etc.

Greenworks GLM801602 PRO is designed for both commercial and domestic use, differing only in warranty. It can be purchased as a 'bare-tool', with 2 Ah and 4 Ah batteries, with 4 Ah batteries being recommended.

Updated: May 30, 2020.

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Greenworks GLM801602 PRO Features and Specifications

Greenworks GLM801602 PRO is large and sturdy cordless lawn mower. It weighs 79.5 pounds (~36 kg) and features wide, 21-inch (~53.3 cm) deck.

Since the unit is made for both commercial and domestic use, most parts are made of steel, leading to slightly larger weight, but increasing the durability of the lawn mower.

To increase the maneuverability and decrease the stress on the lawn, Greenworks GLM801602 PRO features 7-inch (17.8 cm) front and 10-inch (25.4 cm) rear wheels.

Unit also features 7-position single lever cutting height adjustment, ranging from 1-3/8 inch to 3-3/4 inch (3.5 - 9.5 cm) cut.

Greenworks GLM801602 PRO comes with 3-in-1 design for mulch, side discharge or rear bag operation.

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Conversion from one mode operation to another can be done quickly and easily.

Note: Greenworks GLM801602 PRO is easy to use and maintain lawn mower, but in order to use it fully and safely, when the unit arrives, read the manual first.

greenworks pro 21 inch 80v lawn mower glm801602 2To help with the storage, Greenworks GLM801602 PRO can be stored vertically, greatly saving storage footprint area - although the unit is stable in vertical position, don't let kids or pets play around it, since if it is pushed strong enough, it can tip over and cause some damage, or worse, injuries.

To improve performance and efficiency, Greenworks GLM801602 PRO features so-called 'DigiPro', a digital controlled brushless motor and 'SmartCut Technology', which improves performance and extends the run-time by automatically adjusting the power, based on the grass height and toughness.

Since it is powered by onboard battery, Greenworks GLM801602 PRO features several more improvements over corded or gas powered lawn mowers:

- very quiet during operation,

- no smelly fumes,

- no fuel/oil mixing,

- no spark plug/easy to start,

- no power cord to pull around,

- easy and simple maintenance, etc.

 Of course, the biggest drawback of cordless lawn mowers in general is amount of energy stored at onboard battery. Greenworks GLM801602 PRO features 80V(!) electric system and can operate using 2.0 Ah and 4.0 Ah lithium-ion, power fade-free, batteries.

2.0 Ah battery stores enough energy for up to 20 minutes of operation and 4.0 Ah battery stores enough energy for 40-45 minutes of operation - in real life. According to the manufacturer 4.0 Ah battery can provide energy for up to 60 minutes, but that is in ideal conditions.

Note: when mowing high or tough grass, even 4.0 Ah battery's operating time is shortened down to the 25-30 minutes.

greenworks gba 80400

Since Greenworks GBA80200 and GBA80400 are lithium-ion batteries, standard Greenworks GCH8040 charger can charge 2.0 Ah battery (GBA80200) in 30 minutes and 4.0 Ah battery (GBA80400) in 60 minutes, ensuring almost no down-time with just two batteries.

Note: lithium ion batteries controlled via onboard electronics are safe batteries, but in order to prolong their operating life don't charge them right after use and don't use them right after charging - let them cool first for at least 10-15 minutes.

greenworks gch8040

When charging lithium-ion batteries, be sure to always use battery chargers recommended by the battery manufacturers, in this case, that is Greenworks GCH8040 rapid charger.

Few other brands manufacture batteries that are very similar in appearance to Greenworks GBA80200 and GBA80400, but can fit only after modifying these batteries - this is not only not recommended, but can be dangerous and can void the warranty.

For domestic use, Greenworks GLM801602 PRO comes with 4-year limited warranty on the lawn mower and 2-year limited warranty on the batteries. Nice warranty conditions for such unit.

Greenworks also manufactures whole range of other cordless tools and accessories (40+ models) that can be powered via GBA80200 and GBA 80400 batteries, making future purchases much cheaper since the user is buying only the 'bare-tool'.

Even if you are not interested in future purchases of Greenworks tools, having cordless lawn mower like Greenworks GLM801602 PRO can save time and effort when keeping your lawn properly mowed.

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