Greenworks 25142 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworks 25142 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower is very popular, compact walk-behind, corded lawn mower.

It is well balanced 2-in-1 lawn mower, designed for small yards, combining plastic but tough, 16" cutting deck with 10 Amps motor.

Published: December 2, 2019.

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Greenworks 25142 Features and Specifications

Assembled Greenworks 25142 weighs only 39 pounds (~17.7 kg) with the weight distributed over 6 inch (~15.2 cm) front and 7 inch (17.8 cm) rear wheels.

Unit is designed with 2-in-1 functionality in mind - it may be used for mulching or for collecting the grass clipping.

Many similar units feature the third option - side mulching - but Greenworks 25142 doesn't.

This means that the 16 inch (~41 cm) cutting deck is more robust and durable, leading to longer warranty period. Greenworks 25142 comes with 4-year limited warranty, which is very good warranty for the unit in its class.

greenworks 25142 height lever

Cutting height is changed using single height adjustment lever on the left side of the mower - there is a total of 5 positions, ranging from 5/8" to 2 5/8" (1.7 - 6.7 cm).

Greenworks 25142 is rated at 10 Amps, which is more than enough for 16" sharp blade to make clean cuts even in tough grass.

No load speed of the blade is ~3800 rpm.

Greenworks 25142 comes with short pig-tail power cord and safety bail switch which instantly turns off the unit when released.

For outdoor use, brightly colored extensions cords are recommended of the suitable size.

extension cord

Since Greenworks 25142 is rated at 10 Amps, just to be sure consider getting 12 Amps extensions cord intended for outdoor use, labeled as Type SW–A, SOW–A, STW–A, STOW–A, SJW–A, SJOW–A, SJTW–A, SJTOW–A, or similar.

Note: although there are brightly colored green extension cords, green color is not recommended for lawns. IMHO of course. Brightly colored yellow, red, orange or even light blue should be preferred colors for lawn mower extension cords.

Depending on the cable length, it is recommended to use:

- 50 feet (~15 m): 16 AWG,

- 100 feet (~30m): 14 AWG,

- 150 feet (~45m): 12 AWG.

Thin cords cause a loss of power and may overheat, while thicker cords may be hard to work with.

greenworks 25142 2

In order to help with the storage, the handle may be folded, saving storage space.

Note: Greenworks 25142 is easy to use and maintain lawn mower, but when it arrives, just in case be sure to read the manual thoroughly to get accustomed to your new lawn mower.

Long Story Short: If you are looking for lightweight, compact, but strong and durable lawn mower designed for smaller yards, consider Greenworks 25142.

It is very maneuverable lawn mower, being able to mow near the walls, around the trees, at slopes and similar.

Note: when mowing the slopes, never mow up and down, but along the slopes - recommendations about mowing the slopes is given in the manual in great details, so please, be sure to read it.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Greenworks 25142 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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