Greenworks 25012 18-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower

Greenworks 25012 18-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower is simple and affordable, but also very robust and durable corded, walk-behind lawn mower.

Greenworks 25012 features steel cutting deck, 7 positions height adjustment system, large front and rear wheels, rather strong motor, considering the cutting width.

Published: July 30, 2020.

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Greenworks 25012 Features and Specifications

Greenworks 25012 features very simple, but sturdy design. Its 2-in-1 feature includes only side discharge and mulching - Greenworks 25012 does NOT feature a bagging option (collecting the grass clippings into the rear bag).

Cutting deck is made of steel and is very strong. Cutting width is 18 inches (~46 cm) and the blade, powered via 12 Amps motor, can cut through the very tough grass.

However, Greenworks 25012 is more recommended for regular mowing and using the grass clippings as a green mulch, especially during the periods of strong growth (grass cut to the low to medium height) or during hot days (grass cut to the medium or higher).

greenworks 25012 2Single lever, 7-position height adjustment system, offers a grass cutting height from 1-3/4 to 3-3/4 inches (~4.5 - 9.5 cm), which is more than suitable for most situations.

Greenworks 25012 weighs 46 pounds (~21 kg), with the weight distributed to rear and front 7 inches (~17.8 cm) wheels. Unit is compact and very maneuverable, and able to reach and mow areas that are not easily accessible to the larger lawn mowers.

Maximum blade no-load speed is 3600 rpm (60 revolutions per second), ensuring clean cuts, especially when the lawn is mowed regularly.

Blade is very durable when cutting grass - try to avoid debris like branches or pebbles when mowing the lawn, since such items can damage not just this blade, but all lawn mowers' blades in general.

Greenworks 25012 also features adjustable upper handle - 3 available heights for more comfortable mowing. Also, for easier storage, handle can be folded.

Note: Greenworks 25012 is rather simple to use and maintain corded electric mower. But, when it arrives, it is highly recommended to get accustomed with the unit by thoroughly reading its manual. Better safe than sorry ...

Power controls are typical for the mower in this class - power button combined with the bail switch.

Greenworks 25012 comes with pig-tail power cord, and it is up to the user to get the extension cord of suitable length and thickness.

extension cord

Since Greenworks 25012 is rated at 12 Amps, it is recommended to get power cord rated at 15 Amps or more, in order to decrease the energy loses. Too thick cables, on the other hand, are hard to handle, so the best options are cables in the 15-18 Amps range.

Also, these extensions cords should be designed for outdoor use, must be brightly colored in order to be easily visible even in the tall grass and must be in good working order - don't use damaged power cords, since accidents do happen! Safety first!

Despite being compact, 'smallish' lawn mower and rated at 'only' 12 Amps, this Greenworks lawn mower comes with respectable 4-year limited warranty - avoid rough terrain, stones, branches and similar items, sharpen the blade occasionally and this lawn mower will last much longer than that.

Long Story Short: If you are looking for a simple, compact and durable unit to be used for regular mowing and you don't need collector bag, consider Greenworks 25012 lawn mower.

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