Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower - Model 25302

Greenworks 25302 20-Inch 40V Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower is a very popular cordless, walk-behind, electric lawnmower. It features 20 inches cutting deck, large wheels, dual blades, two battery ports with automatic battery switch-over, etc.

It comes with two G-MAX 40V lithium-ion batteries (2 Ah, 4 Ah) and a battery charger. Using a single 4 Ah battery, Greenworks 25302 lawn mower can operate up to 60 minutes, depending on the terrain, grass height and similar.

Published: December 30, 2020.

greenworks 25302 lawn mower 1

Greenworks 25302 is a relatively light unit - it weighs 42.5 pounds (~19.3 kg) without batteries and it is easy to push around with 7 inch (~17.8 cm) front and 10 inch (~25.4 cm) rear wheels.

greenworks 25302 lawn mower 3The cutting deck is 20 inches (50.8 cm) wide, allowing the user to mow a rather large area quickly. Unit comes with two smaller blades, for total cutting width of 20 inches (~50.8 cm) - as the blade system travels above the lawn, it leaves no area uncut.

When moving the lawnmower to the user's right, there is a small chance of leaving a trail of uncut grass (a fraction of an inch, literally a few blades of grass wide), but for that to occur, one has to move the mower at the exact angle, which is not something 'easy' to do :)

Greenworks 25302 lawn mower comes with so-called 'Smart Cut' technology which adjusts the power of the blades according to the current needs (condition of the lawn, terrain, and similar).

In almost ideal conditions, a single 4 Ah 40V G-MAX lithium-ion battery can provide up to 60 minutes of operation, after which units automatically switch over to the second battery.

In real life, a single 4 Ah battery can provide power for 40-45 minutes of constant operation.

greenworks 29472 4ah 40v battery

The condition of the battery charge can be monitored on the battery itself.

When the battery is fully discharged, it should be charged. It takes about 60 minutes for 2 Ah and 120 minutes for 4 Ah battery to charge fully.

Note: when in use and when being charged, batteries get warm, even hot. Personally, never charge the battery right after being fully discharged and never use the battery right after being fully charged - let them rest and cool down for at least 10-15 minutes, especially during warmer days. When being used off and on (when, for example, the mower is off while the grass catcher bag is being emptied), batteries get some time to cool down, but not much.

G-MAX 40V batteries are being used to power a large number of Greeworks cordless tools, saving plenty of money on the batteries.

Since it is an electric and cordless unit, Greenworks 25302 lawn mower is a very quiet unit (much quieter than similar gas-powered lawnmowers) and doesn't require a power cord to pull around like similar corded lawnmowers. But, it depends on charged batteries, and having another 4 Ah battery is recommended. This, of course, depends on the size of your lawn and the availability of other G-MAX tools.

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Cutting height is adjusted easily using a single lever. There are 5 positions available between 1 1/4 inch and 3 1/8 inch (~3.2 - 8 cm), which is more than enough for most home gardens.

Cut grass can be collected in the rear grass-catcher bag or the unit can be easily converted to mulching without any tools. One of the interesting features is that the bag comes with a bag full indicator - it signals when the bag is full and needs to be emptied.

Note: Greenworks 25302 lawn mower is a very simple unit to operate. However, before the first use and even before the first charging, be sure to read the manual/instructions thoroughly. Better safe than sorry.

When not in use, the unit should be cleaned from the cut grass and dirt and stored in a dry place. To save storage space, the handle can be folded.

Greenworks 25302 comes with a 4-year warranty for the lawnmower itself and a 2-year warranty for the batteries.

Long Story Short: Greenworks 25302 is an excellent cordless lawnmower. Its dual blade system, combined with two high-performance batteries allows the user to cover a large area on a single charge, quietly, when compared with gas-operated lawn mowers.

It is easy to use and maintain - reasons more why it is one of the most popular cordless lawnmowers.

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