BLACK+DECKER 20 Inch CM2060C 60V Max Power Swap Mower

BLACK+DECKER 20 Inch CM2060C 60V Max Power Swap Mower is cordless walk-behind mower. It comes with battery charger, and two 60V 2.5Ah Max lithium ion batteries. Thanks to the battery power, CM2060C does not depend on power cords and mains power. Whole system is suitable for areas of up 1/4 acre.

Updated: January 30, 2021.

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CM2060C cordless mower is powered with two 60V 2.5 Ah batteries. Actually, nominal voltage of these batteries is 54V, while the maximum initial battery voltage after charging and measured with no workload is 60V, hence the name.

Unit comes with so-called POWERSWAP system, which lets the user to quickly swap the batteries with just the press of the button.

black decker lbx2560 batteryTo extend the operating time, AUTOSENSE technology conserves the battery power when possible, while battery charge indicator shows remaining battery power at all times during operation. If you haven't mowed for some time and/or grass is wet, such conditions will drain batteries faster. In order to cover more area, as soon as the first battery is drained, some users put it right away in the charger. Personally, it is good practice to cool down the batteries after use before charging them again.

LBX2560 2.5Ah 60V MAX lithium battery can be used in other Black+Decker tools designed for this battery.

Note: regarding interchangeability with DeWalt batteries - don't do it. These batteries pack plenty of energy and if something goes wrong they can start a fire or even explode. Better safe than sorry.

Before first use or even before charging, it is good practice to actually read the manual :)

CM2060C is 3-in-1 configuration, which lets the user to mulch clippings, bag them or discharge them out on the side - switching between modes is done quickly and easily, thanks to the unit's design.

Unit comes with an easy to use six-setting height adjustment, which lets the user to change mowing height from 1 1/3 in. (~3.4 cm) up to 4 in. (10.2 cm).

To decrease the storage footprint, handle can be folded.

black decker sm2060c 60v mower folded

CM2060C cutting path is 20 inches (~51 cm), enabling the unit to cover larger area faster, when compared with cordless units with narrower cutting path.

Unit weighs 47.6 (21.6 kg) and it is not light cordless mower. But, thanks to the large four wheels and comfortable handle, it can be pushed-pulled easily, even on rougher terrain.

Long Story Short: Black+Decker CM2060C cordless lawn mower is very good and powerful unit. Using two fully charged batteries, it operates for 40-45 minutes. Note that heavy, moist grass shortens the operating time of the unit. Collapsible handle, large wheels, wide cutting track, 3-in-1 design and other features make CM2060C a very popular choice in its class.

To cover larger area, some users recommend ordering a third battery, especially if other compatible cordless tools are already owned.

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