Lawn Mowers Reviews and Recommendations

PickLawnMower Reviews and Recommendations lists some of the most popular lawn mowers of various types, commonly used at homes and of course, commercially.

Which lawn mower is the best is impossible to answer. That is why we have really tried to give our unbiased, honest opinion - after all, the very same reasons why we may dislike a particular unit, may be the very same reasons why You may like that mower! And vice versa, of course.

We are all different, and so are our opinions, need and requirements.

Here is our latest lawn mowers reviews and recommendations:

Earthwise 50614 14-Inch 11-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

earthwise 50614 mEarthwise 50614 lawn mower is a compact and very lightweight walk-behind 2-in-a corded electric lawn mower, featuring a 14-inch cutting width, making it suitable for smaller lawns and backyards.

Earthwise 50614 electric lawn mower is energy very efficient, emits no fumes, offers performances close to the gas-like lawn mowers, and is very simple to maintain.

Earthwise brand is part of American Lawn Mower Co.

Published: October 19, 2021.

Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO 14-Inch 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

sun joe mj401e pro mSun Joe MJ401E-PRO is a simple, compact, and lightweight, corded walk-behind lawn mower, intended for lawns up to 1/4 acre (~1000 m2).

Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO features 13 Amps motor and 14-inch (~35.6 cm) cutting width, ensuring clean and even cuts. Despite featuring a plastic cutting deck, Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO is a relatively sturdy and durable unit.

Published: October 9, 2021.

Greenworks 25322 40V 16-Inch 2-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower

greenworks 25322 mGreenworks 25322 is a cordless walk-behind lawn mower powered by a single Greenworks G-MAX 40V Li-Ion battery, offering low-noise operation with reduced vibrations, with no fumes, and output power that ensures clear and uniform cuts.

Greenworks 25322 is a mid-size cordless 2-in-1 unit, suitable for lawns up to 1/3 acre (~1700 m2) that are regularly mowed. Thanks to its lightweight construction and good maneuverability, Greenworks 25322 is also suitable for lawns with various objects and even obstacles, like trees, bushes, walls, walkways, etc.

Published: August 13, 2021.

Makita XML03PT1 36V (18V X2) LXT Brushless 18" Lawn Mower Kit

makita xml03pt1 mMakita XML03 lawn mower is a cordless, brushless lawn mower powered by a pair of 18V LXT lithium batteries, ensuring output power of the corded unit, but without the cord to pull around.

Makita XML03 lawn mower can be purchased as a tool only, as a mower kit with four 4.0Ah batteries and a rapid battery charger, or as a mower kit with four 5.0Ah lithium batteries and a rapid battery charger.

Published: August 7, 2021.

Greenworks 25022 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower

greenworks 25022 mGreenworks 25022 lawn mower is a very popular and affordable corded, walk-behind lawn mower.

It is powered by a 12 Amp motor, providing plenty of strength for a 20-inch cutting deck. Greenworks 25022 lawn mower is a versatile, sturdy, and durable lawn mower, easy to use and maintain.

Updated: June 19, 2021.

WORX WG743 40V PowerShare 4.0Ah 17 Inch Lawn Mower

worx wg743 lawn mower mWORX WG743 is a cordless, 2-in-1, walk-behind lawn mower, suitable for smaller to medium lawns and backyards.

WORX WG743 is powered by two (2) 20V WORX PowerShare lithium batteries, having a good balance between the runtime and cutting power thanks to its IntelliCut technology and 'Torque on Demand' feature.

Published: May 17, 2021.

American Lawn Mower Company 1815-18 18-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

1815 18 reel mower h200px
1815 18 reel mower h200px

American Lawn Mower Company 1815-18 18-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower is a very popular, simple, but reliable manual push reel lawn mower, suitable for grass up to 4" in length.

American Lawn Mower Company 1815-18 push reel lawn mower comes as a tool only or with a grass catcher bag - either way, it is an affordable, quiet and eco-friendly lawn mower.

Published: April 19, 2021.

EGO Power+ LM2133 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower

ego power plus lm2133 mEGO Power+ LM2133 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower is a cordless, walk-behind lawn mower that is compatible with all EGO 56V ARC Lithium batteries and features a highly efficient brushless electric motor, multi-blade cutting system, bright LED lights, 21-inch mowing deck, etc.

EGO Power+ LM2133 is a cordless mowing kit, consisting of EGO Power+ LM2130 cordless lawn mower, EGO 56V 5.0Ah BA2800T battery, and EGO Power+ CH5500 rapid charger.

Published: March 16, 2021.

BLACK+DECKER 20 Inch CM2060C 60V Max Power Swap Mower

black decker cm2060c 200pxBLACK+DECKER 20 Inch CM2060C 60V Max Power Swap Mower is cordless walk-behind mower. It comes with battery charger, and two 60V 2.5Ah Max lithium ion batteries. Thanks to the battery power, CM2060C does not depend on power cords and mains power. Whole system is suitable for areas of up to 1/4 acre.

Updated: January 30, 2021.

Sun Joe iON100V-21LM 100-Volt iONPRO Cordless Self Propelled Lawn Mower Kit

sun joe ion100v 21lm mSun Joe iON100V-21LM is a cordless, self-propelled, walk-behind lawn mower, intended for small to medium lawns and yards.

Sun Joe iON100V-21LM is powered by 100V(!) 2.5Ah and 5.0Ah batteries, ensuring long runtime and fast battery recharging. Also, both batteries, especially 5.0Ah batteries are designed as small power centers - no surprise, since a 5.0Ah battery holds up to 430Wh(!) of energy.

Published: January 19, 2021.

Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower - Model 25302

greenworks 20 inch 40v twin force 25302 200pxGreenworks 25302 20-Inch 40V Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower is a very popular cordless, walk-behind, electric lawnmower. It features 20 inches cutting deck, large wheels, dual blades, two battery ports with automatic battery switch-over, etc.

It comes with two G-MAX 40V lithium-ion batteries (2 Ah, 4 Ah) and a battery charger. Using a single 4 Ah battery, Greenworks 25302 lawn mower can operate up to 60 minutes, depending on the terrain, grass height, and similar.

Published: December 30, 2020.

Sun Joe MJ403E Electric Lawn Mower

sun joe mj403e mSun Joe MJ403E is a medium-size corded electric lawn mower, designed to be simple to use and maintain and robust to provide reliable operation. Sun Joe MJ403E electric lawn mower can be used as lawnmower and as mulcher, 2-in-1 unit. It doesn't feature a very common third option of similar units - side discharge, but this makes construction simpler and more durable.

Sun Joe MJ403E features 13 Amps motor that powers 17 inches (~43.2 cm) blade that can cut rather tough grass and weeds easily.

Published: November 28, 2020.

EGO Power+ LM2000 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Lawn Mower

ego power lm2000 20 inch 56 volt lithium 200pxEGO Power+ LM2000 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Lawn Mower is a strong and very popular cordless lawn mower designed for medium size lawns and backyards. Thanks to 56 V batteries and 20 inches cutting deck, it can cover a large area rather quickly, without the noise and fumes of gas-powered lawn mowers and without pulling around power cords required by corded lawn mowers.

Updated: November 20, 2020.

BLACK+DECKER BEMW482BH Electric Lawn Mower

black and decker bemw482bh mBLACK+DECKER BEMW482BH is a corded walk-behind electric lawn mower. BLACK+DECKER BEMW482BH features 17" cutting width and is rated at 12 Amps. The design is simplified in order to increase the strength and durability of the cutting deck and the whole unit in general - unit is designed only for lawn mowing and collecting the grass clippings in the catcher bag, with no mulching or side-discharge options.

Large rugged wheels ensure user control in thick grass, while the winged blade improves air flow and grass clippings collection.

Published: October 5, 2020.

Sun Joe 24V-X2-17LM 48-Volt iON+ Cordless Lawn Mower Kit

sun joe 24v x2 17lm mSun Joe 24V-X2-17LM Cordless Lawn Mower is intended for small to medium yards and lawns. It is designed as a lightweight and maneuverable, 2-in-1 lawn mower (mulching or grass clippings collection), powered by a pair of 24V lithium-ion batteries, for a total of 48 volts.

With adjustable height, clean cuts, easy to use, and maintain construction, Sun Joe 24V-X2-17LM is one of the most popular units in its class.

Published: September 17, 2020.

Greenworks 25012 18-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower

greenworks 25012 mGreenworks 25012 18-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower is simple and affordable, but also very robust and durable corded, walk-behind lawn mower.

Greenworks 25012 features steel cutting deck, 7 positions height adjustment system, large front and rear wheels, rather strong motor, considering the cutting width.

Published: July 30, 2020.

Earthwise 50520 20-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

earthwise 50520 mEarthwise 50520 is a very popular corded, walk-behind lawn mower, intended for medium to large yards.

Earthwise 50520 is simple to use and maintain, quiet electric lawn mower, featuring 3-in-1 design, adjustable cutting height, foldable handle, etc.

Published: July 3, 2020.

Greenworks GLM801602 PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower

greenworks glm801602 200pxGreenworks GLM801602 PRO is a cordless lawn mower, featuring a serious 80V operating voltage, a steel 21-inch deck, high-torque brushless motor, large wheels, vertical storage etc.

Greenworks GLM801602 PRO is designed for both commercial and domestic use, differing only in warranty. It can be purchased as a 'bare-tool', with 2 Ah and 4 Ah batteries, with 4 Ah batteries being recommended.

Updated: May 30, 2020.

American Lawn Mower Company 50514 Corded Electric Lawn Mower

amrican lmc 50514 mWalk-behind lawn mower Model 50514, manufactured by American Lawn Mower Company is compact and lightweight, corded electric lawn mower. It features 14-inch cutting width, combined with 11-Amps electric motor in durable and reliable, very popular lawn mower.

American Lawn Mower Company 50514 Corded Electric Lawn Mower is designed for small to medium size yards, featuring 2 common functions - rear discharge and mulching.

Published: February 28, 2020.

BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM 12" 3-in-1 Compact Electric Lawn Mower

black n decker besta512cm mBLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM is lightweight and very compact, 3-in-1 yard tool, designed to be used as corded walk-behind lawn mower, edger and trimmer.

BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM is best suited for yards up to 1200 square feet (~112 square meters), or as second lawn mower for larger yards that have slopes and hard-to-reach surfaces.

Updated: February 21, 2020.

Ego Power+ 21" 56V LM2100SP Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower

ego lm2100sp mEgo Power+ LM2100SP is cordless lawn mower powered by 56 volts Ego Power+ lithium ion batteries, providing high-torque and long operating time on the single battery charge. 21-inch wide cutting deck and self-propelled feature help the user to cover more ground quickly, saving time and effort.

Although Ego Power+ LM2100SP may be powered by any Ego Power+ 56 volts battery, large 7.5 Ah battery is highly recommended in combination with the rapid charger. Also, all other Ego Power+ tools may be powered by this or any other Ego Power+ batteries, providing great operational flexibility and decreasing the costs in the long run.

Published: January 31, 2020.

Black & Decker MM2000 13-Amp Corded Mower

black decker mm2000 200pxBlack & Decker MM2000 13-Amp Corded Mower is electric walk-behind, push lawn mower.

It combines 13 Amp strong electric motor, with 20-inch blade cutting deck and so-called EdgeMax deck design in a very popular and affordable electric lawn mower.

Updated: January 7, 2020.

Greenworks 25142 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

greenworks 25142 mGreenworks 25142 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower is very popular, compact walk-behind, corded lawn mower.

It is well balanced 2-in-1 lawn mower, designed for small yards, combining plastic but tough, 16" cutting deck with 10 Amps motor.

Published: December 2, 2019.

Snapper SXDWM82K (1687884) XD 82V MAX Electric Cordless 21-Inch Lawnmower Kit

snapper xd sxdwm82k mSnapper SXDWM82K (1687884) XD 82V MAX is an electric, cordless, walk-behind push lawn mower that comes with one rapid charger and two 2.0 Ah 82V lithium ion batteries.

Snapper SXDWM82K (1687884) XD 82V MAX features 3-in-1 design, 21 inches cutting path, 7 single-lever height adjustments, strong brushless motor, load sensing technology and other features that make Snapper XD 82V MAX lawn mowers very popular cordless units.

Published: November 25, 2019.

Snapper HD 48V Max Electric Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower - Model 1688022

snapper hd 48v max 1688022 mSnapper 1688022 HD 48V Max is 3-in-1 robust and durable, electric cordless, self-propelled lawn mower, suitable for small to medium size lawns using one 48V 5.0 Ah battery.

Snapper 1688022 HD 48V Max features steel deck, 20 inches (50.8 cm) in diameter, large collector bag, collapsible handle and may be stored vertically to save storage space.

Snapper 2691565 HD 48V Max is practically the same model, except that it comes without the battery and charger.

Published: November 5, 2019.

WORX WG779 and WG779.9 Cordless Lawn Mowers

worx wg779 mWORX WG779 and WG779.9 are lightweight and compact cordless lawn mowers, designed for smaller to medium yards. Both models are powered with a pair of WORX lithium ion 20V batteries - WG779 model comes with a pair of 4.0 Ah 20V WA3578 Power Share batteries and WA3875 dual port battery charger, while WG779.9 model is 'tool only' model.

WORX WG779 and WG779.9 are labeled as 14 inch (35.6 cm) lawn mowers - their deck is 14 inches wide, while their cutting width is 13 inches (33 cm) wide.

Published: October 9, 2019.