Best Battery Powered Leaf Blower

Battery powered leaf blowers are very useful tools for keeping the home garden and other areas around home clean and tidy.

Cordless leaf blowers must feature excellent air speed and volume required to do the cleaning task properly. Also, multi-function units combine several tools in one, like garden leaf blower, mulcher and vacuum (3-in-1) units, allowing the single tool to do different cleaning tasks, saving time, money and effort.

Published: September 10, 2019.

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Garden leaf blowers are generally powered via internal combustion engines (2-strokes, 4-strokes) or using electric motors.

Gas powered units feature high air speed and volume, and they don't depend on the availability of mains power. But, they emit fumes and smokes, although not as much as years before. Also, they are much noisier and maintenance intensive than electric leaf blowers.

Electric leaf blowers can be corded electric leaf blowers or battery powered leaf blowers.

While corded units feature good air speed and volume, they are limited by the length of power cords and the presence of mains power. Cordless leaf blowers require mains power only for charging the batteries, and they are much more maneuverable and easier to use.

Modern cordless leaf blowers are powered via lightweight and powerful lithium batteries, providing levels of power close to the corded units.

Battery Powered Leaf Blowers Features and Specifications

Before buying a new cordless leaf blower, there are few things to consider first.

Air Speed: sufficient air speed is required, in order to be able to blow the leaves and other common yard debris. Commonly, battery powered leaf blowers feature air speed in the range of 90-180 mph (45-90 m/s, 145-290 km/h), with some models even exceeding that speed.

Since not all types of debris require leaf blowers to operate at maximum, cordless leaf blowers usually feature several air speed settings, leading to longer operating time on the single battery charge.

Air Volume: large volume of air at high speed can do plenty of work, but they also require plenty of power, discharging onboard batteries rather quickly. In order to balance the performances, some models feature high speed and low volume (optimized for wet leaves, grass clippings, branches and similar debris), while some models feature lower speeds, but high volume (optimized for dry leaves and lightweight debris).

Some models feature variable air speed, combined with several nozzles that are attached according to the required task. Such multipurpose units are often designed to be used not only as garden leaf blowers, but as garden leaf vacuum/mulcher/blower 3-in-1 units.

Cordless leaf blower feature air volume up to 500 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), although top units achieving air speed of up to 180 mph rarely achieve air volume larger than 350 CFM.

dewalt dcb407 batteryBrand and Battery Type/Voltage: cordless leaf blowers without the batteries are rather cheap tools, but when bought with the battery and charger, their prices go up. Most brands manufacture a series of tools around particular battery type (for example, 18V lithium ion batteries with different capacity like 2Ah, 4 Ah, 7 Ah etc.). Buying several of such batteries can be initially relatively expensive, but all future 'bare tools' are going to be rather cheap.

Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) and even Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries are practically phased out in modern, high-power tools. Lithium batteries offer best balance between the price and performances, as long as they are charged with battery chargers intended by their manufacturers! Never, but really never charge lithium battery with the charger NOT EXPLICITLY recommended by the battery manufacturer!

Lithium battery cells commonly have 3.6-3.7 volts voltage, with the maximum allowed voltage of slightly above 4 volts. Thus, for example, 5-cell battery packs feature 18 volts, but many brands label them as 20 volts batteries for marketing purposes - this is not wrong, but ... Similarly 10-cells packs feature 36 volts, but are labeled as 40 volts packs ...

Larger voltage doesn't warranty better performances since actual power is voltage multiplied by current:

Power = Voltage x Current

But, higher voltage means smaller currents, leading to higher efficiency due to the heat losses.

Also, connecting more and more cells in the single battery pack leads to more expensive pack and one has to find balance between the price and performances.

Operating time depends on the amount of energy stored at the onboard battery and it greatly varies according to the use - when pushed to the maximum, cordless leaf blowers rarely can operate longer than 15 minutes, but when the power is decreased, their operating time is often 30+ minutes.

Dry leaves don't require much power to be cleaned around the backyard, but heavy wet leaves and grass clippings require fast moving air and that can deplete the battery rather quickly.

Operating time also depends on the battery capacity - it is not the same to use for example 2.0 Ah and 7.0 Ah battery.

Leaf Blower Weight: lighter leaf blowers are usually operated using single hand. They are very light, but their battery voltage/capacity is often rather limited, leading to shorter operating time.

Larger battery operated leaf blowers use shoulder straps and large batteries - they are heavier, but can operate for longer and be used for cleaning even moist/wet dirt.

Additional Features: in order to make these tools more versatile, leaf blowers often come with several nozzles, optimized for different situations (large volume, small speed, or small volume, high speed and similar). Also, some leaf blowers feature metal (or made of reinforced plastic) impellers or turbines, allowing the units to be used as both leaf blowers and leaf vacuums/mulchers. Such 3-in-1 units can come very handy for keeping the yard clean, but they are slightly more expensive than common leaf blowers.

Of course, there are other details that one has to check before buying new cordless leaf blower, but they can be highly individual.

Best Battery Powered Leaf Blowers Comparison Chart

The following chart lists the most popular cordless leaf blowers and their most important features and specifications. Since deciding which one is the best, often depends on personal needs and preferences, chart is ordered alphabetically, so use your own judgment!

Model Photo Voltage Max Air Speed (mph) Max Air Volume (CFM) Weight Note
BLACK+DECKER LSW36B black and decker lsw36b 36v 36V 120 - 4.7 lbs -
BLACK+DECKER LSW40C black and decker 40v lsw40c 40V 125 - 4.0 lbs -
DEWALT DCBL720P1 dewalt dcbl720p1 20v 20V 90 400 7.1 lbs Variable Speed
DEWALT DCBL770X1 dewalt dcbl770x1 60v 60V 175 423 9.8 lbs Variable Speed
DEWALT DCE100 dewalt dce100b 20v 20V 135 100 3 lbs 3-Speed
EGO Power+ LB4800 ego power 56v lb4800 56V 92 480 5.1 lbs 3-Speed
Greenworks 24252 greenworks 40v 24252 40V 150 135 3.3 lbs 6-Speed
Greenworks 24322 greenworks 40v 24322 40V 185 340 5.6 lbs Leaf Blower, Vacuum, Mulcher Tool
Greenworks LB-390 greenworks 40v lb390 40V 110 390 7.9 lbs -
Greenworks PRO GBL80300 greenworks 80v gbl80300 80V 125 500 9 lbs -
Makita DUB182Z makita dub1825 18v 18V 179 91 3.9 lbs Variable Speed
Makita XBU02Z makita xbu02z 18vx2 36v

36 V

(2x 18V)

120 473 8.4 lbs 6-Speed
WORX WG546 worx wg546 20v 20V 90 340 5.7 2-Speed
WORX WG584 worx wg584 9 40v 


(2x 20V)

95 430 7.3 3-Speed
WORX WG591 worx 56v wg591 56V 125 465 8.1 Variable Speed

Note: Amazon links in the table open in the new windows, feel free to check them for most up-to-date offers and specifications.

If you are looking for simple leaf blower, consider cordless leaf blower powered by 18-36V (20-40V) battery. Most popular voltage in terms of 'best buy' cordless tools is 36V (40V) and if you are looking to buy several cordless tools, pick one of the most reputable brands and go for their 36V (40V) series of cordless tools.

56V (60V) tools and especially 72V (80V) tools are getting more and more popular, with some 72V models featuring levels of power very close to the corded or even to the gas operated units.